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Facotry Unions

Promo Stock USA




Based on  over 26 years expirences of promotional business in manufactorying, sourcing, importing, local service and etc, Sharing Group has been developed a very unique Factory Unions buisness model for all our vendors and all our customers. 


Our partner vendors can get the following benefits from us:

1. Local Protection: Patent to protect the designed products; Minimum EQP or SRP price to provent the price wall; 

2. Local Serivice: Private labeling, Blind shipment, Pre and After sales service, Marketing; Joint Tradeshow;

3. Local Stock: No MOQ to enable 100% chances for all the customers who like the products;

4. Direct New Product Development: 

5. Extra Profit 



Our partner customers can get the following benefits from us:

1. Strongly Local Factories Support

    NO MOQ, Fast Local delivery with private labeling and blind shipments;

2. Strongly Finacial Support

    No need to prepay for the heavy stock, only pay after order delivered;

​3. Back up stock benefits

    Using the same quality back up stock as your warehouse one, you will have less chance

    to lost your orders opportunities;    

4. Very flexible business options choice

   FOB LA with NO MOQ for easy start and your back up stock need;

   FOB CHINA with MOQ for your big sales items to get more profit margin;

   Delivery to your door options to save all your time for the importing and transportation;

5. Concentrating on sales for more turnover

   With our unique business models, all our customers can increase the sales a lot.



Please call us at (626) 330-1688 to learn more and get your benefits from this unique business models.  

Let's get to be Business Partners with us today! 


                                    Benjamin Jiang                                                     

                                                                                Benjamin Jiang, President

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